Vaassen • training, coaching en advies

Vaassen • training, coaching en advies

Meet Sylvia Vaassen, corporate consultant, therapist, problem solver

Sylvia Vaassen knows what your business needs. Don’t ask us how, she just knows.
Whether you’re struggling with company morale, productivity or simply wish to improve the happiness of your clients or workforce, Vaassen along with her team of industry experts and behavioural therapists aim to coach you to victory.

Through mindfulness, cognitive therapy and motivational talks, Vaassen and her crew work in a myriad of ways to overcome all obstacles to success. But it’s not sorcery; it’s contemporary behavioural science in practice, proven to better communication, confidence, stress levels and the mental and physical health of employees.

She disrupts outdated ways of thinking in favour of ingenuity and new ideas. Just as her service appeals to modern businesses, we have built a website to attract those seeking an unconventional and creative approach to consulting.

Stylish simplicity

Simplicity and clarity of message is exactly what’s needed most in today’s corporate world and our web design hopes to encapsulate this. Our use of bold lines, block colours and clear fonts shows that simple is anything but dull.

Fresh perspective

We utilise parralax scrolling and a fully responsive layout, with the understanding that Vaassen’s clients are mobile and looking for innovative methods of problem solving.