Morfis Architecture and Urbanism

Morfis Architecture and Urbanism

Headquartered on a floating Hagenaar vessel, filled to the deck with scale models, Lego and clay, Morfis Architecture and Urbanism is an architecture agency with a difference.

At Morfis, unique is good. They take a poetic, experimental approach to the work they do, in order to create something both progressive and outstanding. Always thinking outside of convention, Morfis transformed an old 25-meter boat into their very own architecture office and packed it full of 3D designs.

As well as enjoying the freedom of the water, the Morfis team also take time in their office to appreciate the art of design, shunning digital files in favour of building maquettes, drawing sketches and using materials such as clay, Lego, and logs (or anything they can get their hands on really) to trial designs and find architectural solutions.

When thinking up the site concept, we knew we wanted to complement the company’s unusual methods of thinking. Just like Morfis would do, we took a daring approach and constructed something a little different from the norm. From this came the concept of ‘Morfis’s virtual gallery’ where each site user becomes a gallery visitor, walking (or, rather, clicking) through the ‘exhibition rooms’.

Gallery navigation

Playing with the idea of virtual space, we avoided the ordinary swipe layout and instead let users navigate from one exhibition room to another in order to browse through each architecture project at their leisure.

Immersive atmosphere

Our museum concept, with muted blue backgrounds and white highlighting, helps ensure that the user’s focus remains on the project. Full screen, high resolution photography deepens that immersive effect.