MOOOV Dans Muziek Sport Beweging

MOOOV Dans Muziek Sport Beweging

Dancers, musicians, coaches and creative start-ups: MOOOV, Dans Muziek Sport Beweging has a place for all of you.

Nurturing collaboration and new initiatives in the fields of dance, music and movement, MOOOV is a creative platform aimed at uniting start-ups, dancers, musicians and trainers, encouraging artistic innovation.
Not only does the platform offer rehearsal space, MOOOV also supports the growth of budding enterprises, particularly those offering fresh perspectives in their fields as well as contagious enthusiasm.

Regardless of whether you’re an established start-up or a ragtag group of Crossfit enthusiasts,
MOOOV can coach you in the art of creative entrepreneurship, business plan development and funding possibilities.
The appeal of MOOOV is clear; creatives work best when surrounded by likeminded people. While this ensures new ideas continue flowing and excitement is upheld, MOOOV provides the much needed structure, the places to gather and the industry expertise.

In this way, MOOOV Dans Muziek Sport Beweging is more than a platform; it’s a hub of industry vitality and life just waiting to be tapped into. We were proud to develop their digital concept.

Eye-catching background

The powerfully named Remco Zwinkels is a photographer and filmmaker who produced MOOOV’s stunning background videos. To show off Zwinkel’s talents to the fullest, we used full screen background technique for multimedia and video.

Dynamic navigation

Our dynamic interface with draggable tabs, allows each user to change the site’s layout to meet their own preferences. We then blended this with typewriter font and colourful post-it style labels. This fluid, user-specific style aims to capture the imagination and draws from MOOOV’s concept of dynamic identity.