Kosmosnous Yoga

Kosmosnous Yoga

Find inner peace without ever leaving the city at Kosmosnous Yoga; a contemporary hatha yoga studio in the heart of Amsterdam.

Centred in the artistic district of Jordaan, nestled within one of its many picturesque courtyards, or hofjes, you’ll find the tranquil Kosmosnous yoga studio, which overlooks a stunning central garden.

Founded by Mieke Bak, teacher and yoga practitioner, Kosmosnous has the benefit of being both thoroughly modern and urban, while preserving the serenity needed to practice yoga effectively.

Bak discovered yoga for herself as a way of easing joint pains but the benefits were so powerful to both her body and her mind, that yoga soon became a way of life and her goal became to pass on the advantages of yoga to others.

Harnessing yoga’s ancient power to harmonise both body and mind, Bak explained to us that her teaching focuses on personal attention and self-awareness, in addition to creating an atmosphere of simplicity, tranquillity and warmth within her studio.

Creating identity

Unique, like the people she teaches, Bak’s identity and method were what we most wanted to display through our designs. To convey serenity and warmth, we created a sunrise logo on a symmetrical layout alongside soft colours. To further highlight individuality, we combined hand-drawn typography with mono-spaced fonts.

Depth of mind

Parallax scrolling was perfect for this project, adding depth and elegance to still images as users scroll through the site. This effect, combined with flawless, natural environment photography, produces a website at peace with itself. Namaste.