At Fietzerria, the power of pizza, much like the power of people, should never be underestimated.

For architect and food lover Renato, pizza is life. But it’s not just doughy perfection that inspires Renato; it’s the joy of bringing people together and exchanging great food alongside human stories. Cause, when you unite pizza and people, wonderful things can happen.

Fietzerria, the brainchild of Renato and the result of his uniquely handcrafted wood-burning ovens, is a company which hosts mobile pizza parties, blending the finest ingredients and the best company to create lasting memories.

Pedalling across the Netherlands to bring freshly cooked, authentic pizza and a creative philosophy to all, Renato’s goal is one we at Monkey Republic can get behind. To portray Renato’s vision, we built a fully interactive site with rustic features and a handcrafted feel, to make users feel right at home.

Fietzerria web

Chalkboard design

Featuring hand drawn messages and images on a chalkboard backdrop, we aimed to create a homely feel. The transition between each page is natural and seamless; users move across the chalkboard uninterrupted, diagonally through the elements, just as your eye might browse a pizza menu.

Sketchy composition

We use hand drawn icons alongside true-to-life pizza ingredients to create visual contrast, as well as to awaken our users’ appetites. Like Renato’s vision, our concept combines creativity with our everyday in order to create something memorable.

Polaroid reflections

Polaroid snapshots of previous pizza parties are scattered across the site to create an intimate atmosphere with old-school flair.