Bon Code Software Remediation

Bon Code Software Remediation

Bon Code Software Remediation analyses and enhances the efficiency and quality of your software systems so you don’t have to.

Not only do the guys and girls at Bon Code Software Remediation test the quality of software, in terms of speed, adaptability, scalability, maintenance and integration.
But they also translate this information into a language that even the most tech-illiterate business manager will comprehend.

Working closely with ICT developers and management teams, Bon Code coders have the ability to speak fluently in the languages of engineers, policy makers and corporate management. Today more than ever, the world calls for people who can make sense of the technology central to business operation globally, and Bon Code does exactly this.

Born communicators, Bon Code build bridges between technology and business, advising, making system improvements and even assisting in the buying and set up of new software.

Clean concision

A clean, simple and bright interface is fitting for Bon Code. For our design we opt for a bold logo with simple blinking cursor, as a friendly nod to the coding world. Our use of light fonts and colours provides a cheerful balance.

Functional tech

Through our design, we aim to mimic Bon Code’s business objective of functional technology, transparently presented. Because it’s easier for everyone that way.