Bloot Architecture Agency

Bloot Architecture Agency

The young architect of the year 2014, Bloot Architecture is a small firm centred on big ideas.

Just six years in operation, Bloot Architecture works on sustainable urban architecture projects across The Hague, already having swept up a number of awards for its inspiring, concept-driven designs.

Like the best of us, Bloot Architecture believes in unpretentiousness, functionality and sustainability, and channels this ethos into its designs. While seeking aesthetic beauty, Bloot’s architects never forget that people are at the centre of what they do, and so they create flexible, adaptable spaces compatible with humanity.

While prioritising social, architectural and environmental sustainability, Bloot also concerns itself with creating vibrant architectural atmospheres, bringing new life to public spaces and actualising client wishes.
This is backed up with a principle of freedom and choice, and enabling life to be lived as the individual wants to live it.
After brainstorming and sketching, Monkey Republic set to work creating a website in harmony with this mind-set. We settled on using a ‘one page’ technique with a full screen slider, grounded by Bloot’s impressive project images in the background.

Functional control

Mimicking Bloot’s attitude towards function, we removed all unnecessary elements, applying only basic monochromatic colours and the simplest, smoothest control features. This way, the user’s focus would remain on Bloot’s creations.

Full-height navigation

Our version of simple is anything but boring however, and our full-height navigation technique is a case in point. With clean, full-screen vertical lines, our accordion-style pages slide across the screen when activated; no frills, just elegant function.