The secret mantra of a great web project

The secret mantra of a great web project

Have you ever wondered why some websites or web projects are just better than others? Introducing FAST, our secret mantra for creating a great web project.

I was invited by Renato Jeuken, the master of pizzas, to a pizza party at his place. Nice! I thought we would go to the supermarket, get frozen pizzas and some beers and then relax in his backyard, enjoying the beautiful weather. As it turns out, it wasn’t a frozen-pizza-in-the-oven kinda party, it was the best pizza party ever!

But wait… What does this have to do with a great web project? To be honest, not that much, but I do see some similarities between this great party and the way Monkey Republic approaches its web projects.

F = Fun

We actually went to the supermarket, but not to get frozen pizzas.
We ended up buying all sorts of ingredients for the pizza dough and the toppings: great flour, tasty olive oil, all kinds of cheese, tomatoes, salami and much more! Once we were home, we were ready to have some fun! While being guided by the master of pizzas we made our own pizza dough, cooked the tomato sauce, cut the cheese and prepared all kinds of pizza toppings. A whole new world opened up to me! Everyone was involved. Because we had so much fun I suddenly developed different feelings towards tomatoes and pizza dough.

At Monkey Republic we believe that a great pizza… Ehh, I mean, a great web project is created in a kitchen where fun and freedom get the space to develop.

A = Adventure

Nothing was considered as strange, Everyone was allowed to decide for themselves what kind of pizza topping they wanted. Have you ever tried a chocolate pizza with strawberries? Or how about a pizza with peanut butter, cucumber and sambal?

If you want to create a ‘pizza of the future’, you will have to challenge yourself. It’s scary to try new things, but by doing this you grow, your knowledge expands and even if you fail, you’ll learn a lot from your mistakes. The saying: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among stars!”, is absolutely true, isn’t it?

S = Story

Because Renato is a professional pizza party organizer he knows exactly how to think up a great concept and a good story to create an amazing party. He lets everyone participate, from making the dough to cooking the tomato sauce. Everyone can bake their own pizza under his watchful eye.

This is what we do at Monkey Republic (working together, not baking pizza 😉 ). Our client is at the centre of what we do: we think up a concept for the web project and put a strategy together to create a sustainable and successful project.

T = Technology

Renato builds a lot of pizza ovens and each oven he makes is unique. He improves them every time and tries new things constantly: from a new kind of double bottom for better thermal insulation to new types of clay. He even created a hot-water-system around his mobile pizza oven.

As a web design and web development agency, you must stay informed about the new web standard for technologies and you have to try out new techniques every single day. Every new project ensures us to push boundaries and accept new challenges.

Creative Revolution

FAST is not a working method, we see FAST as a series of checkpoints for a web project. Are we still pushing the boundaries of what’s possible? What about the strategy and web content? Are our java scripts and PHP codes up to date with the latest web standards? We review everything we do using FAST to see whether pleasure and freedom prevail. Let’s start our creative revolution!

P.s. Renato is the owner of Do you want a handmade and handroll pizza party like I did? Check his website. He’ll deliver a great pizza party at your place…Yeah!

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