10 Predictions for Web Design Trends in 2017

10 Predictions for Web Design Trends in 2017

Which styles will dominate the web design trends in 2017. Discover 10 predictions for your new website or website redesign.

First of all Monkey Republic wishes you a healthy, happy and creative 2017!
I thank you all for 2016. It was an amazing year. May 2017 bring with it new ideas, dreams, passion and creativity for us together.

In 2016 was the year of hand drawn fonts. Google introduced an open source initiative The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). An initiative to speed up the web on mobile. Flat design dominated the web design style. We saw the Hamburger navigation almost everywhere. It was also the year of web icons.

Internet technologies move forward fast. In 2017 it will be no different. The modern browsers embrace the new features of CSS3 and Javascript technologies. Mobile devices will take an important place in our daily life. People will use it for (almost) everything. The responsive web design is more important than ever. Flat design 2.0 will take the mainstream. These are my prediction of the web design trends 2017.

1. Fat is cool

Bold and fat beautiful fonts are hot. Combine with regular-thin font on the body to create balance.

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Black Balloon

2. Layers

Layering images above another image, a title on top of image or text container above another. The result is a poster-like layout. It fits with bold fonts.

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3. Grid on grid

An undefined grid on top the main grid. The new design will give an illusion that the whole screen width.

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4. Iconographic

We will see new and fresh SVG / vector icons. Check Line Awesome as an alternative to Font Awesome.

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5. Cinemagraphs

High quality animated GIF as new design elements to attract visitor’s attention.

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6. Vertical elements

We will see more tiny vertical navigation or vertical text next to the horizontal one.

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7. Scroll it, don’t slide it

Content sliders are out, instead, the scroll down is hot. Using scroll down as storyteller for your homepage

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8. Every page is a homepage

The homepage is no longer the most important page in the whole website. Not every visitor come inside from the homepage. So every page should be as attractive as the homepage.

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9. Duotone

Back to the 80’s style. a Duotone is a halftone reproduction of an image that brings out its middle tones and highlights.

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10. Show/hide text content button

Content is king, but easy to read content is important too. Nobody will read a long text, without engaging and readable content. Besides the font size and font type, the length of the text is important on mobile. It should a show/hide button if the content is too long.

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